riding around town and a little update

hi all! wanted to share a little of this past weekend in pictures... well just saturday because i worked all friday and sunday. and just my luck that we've had the most glorious weather for about a week EXCEPT the one day I have off work. but we still got to ride around town alllll day long :) :)
first stop, the park! ughh looking at this thing makes me queasy

husband. recently dubbed "low maintenance Ed" by one of his friends.  cargo shorts from 1999(?), $10 velcro shoes. can't do anything with that boy. :)

we found this secret place on top of a hill, overlooking the wharf 

down by the bay, down by the bayyy

self timed portraits made for lots of laughs 
like this....??

haha and this. getting ready to attack
this is me being concerned about man down. 

i think someone is still upset about their fall
my ups....

that. just. happened. 

I'm not even mad

i love my bikeee

we biked over to this lovely families house for some bball action. how cute are those lil lady's baby jeggings??

BRUTUS!!! the guard dog!!
and this lil sweetie is turning the big ONE this week :)

going to shop for the bday girl and then go get my hair did!! yayy! and we are going to try to make it to the farmers market when E gets home from work. 

I already got my workout in this morning and am challenging myself to work out at least 4 days a week until July then going to continue or move it down to 3. hopefully i will be so used to my 4 days i will keep that up but I'm slowly setting goals for myself. and posting it here will (hopefully) keep me motivated!  It seems like since I started working i forgot how to balance everything. so I am finally getting back on top of my emails, blogging, blog reading, working out and those fun chores like laundry and dishes! 

ok, gotta finish that lonnnng list that is called my Tuesday! happy week everyone


  1. Your pictures make me laugh, they are great! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

  2. Love your pictures! You are and your husband are so cute.

  3. Dude I just laughed out loud. Y'all are nuts. As Erik Bryan said put it this weekend, the "greatest couple he knows". I wanna visit again!

    Low maintenance Ed's shoes need to be shot.

  4. So cute on your bikes, you two! And the working out thing..UGH! I have all the equipment at my house and I still don't use it...often. :( I really need to though, because summer is right around the corner and those bikini's in my closet wont see the light of day unless I lose a little, you know? :)

    And Brutus. He cracks me up :)

  5. Cute pics giiirrrrl!

    I need some of your motivation to work out!

  6. Love the pics! You guys crack me up with the self timed portraits!! What a beautiful place you get to enjoy there in Cali. Hopefully the weather will cooperate a bit better when your NOT at work!

    Liked hearing about the workout plan!! Summer is just right around the corner YAY!!!


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