a post for wednesday (or thursday)

1) Sally Hansen Salon effects. so easy to apply, super long lasting... huge variety. LONG LASTING! I always chip my nails when I do them myself... but these have yet to see any weathering
2) Loving my Glamour magazine.. been a subscriber for 6ish years, it is soo wonderful. a perfect balance of beauty, fashion, world and national issues, health/fitness, women's issues and never a sex overload .. ahem.. cosmo...
3) getting home from work, taking my shoes off, taking out my contacts, sitting down, having a drink, taking my hair down annnnd taking off my bra. not necessarily in that order.  ( and i guess that would be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9) no pictures of 3-9 because well, that would be a pretty boring photo stream! except for number 9! hah!
4) I mean.. 10) love having our bikes. we have been riding them around town, to Trader Joe's and other little errands! this Saturday gonna ride on to the beach for a Pic-Nic. love that!

Go over to Jamie's blog to see what everyone else is loving this Wednesday... well i just realized it's not wednesday for a lot of you folks out there but.. what up to all my West Coast homies!!

haha. ok sorry, i digress.
 tired. nighttt!! 


week looked something like..

some glimpses of our week, my apologies for so many pics from my phone. I swear..I will get better st taking real girl pictures..

turkey chili for colddd rainy weather.
with corn bread!
Brutus by the bay

Brutus in the hood
Brutus the Pashtun
Bru and E cruisin the streets
Nole Dog, Bru ta ta
Boys pre-gaming for the Big Sur Mud Run.. while everyone else stretched and did push-ups... 
 After the Mud Run... E with some classmates/ teammates
 and one muddy soul patch
 my boughetto fanger nailz. (bourgeois + ghetto) hot pink and leopard, don't hate
went to work, came home, rode bikes to Trader Joe's.. got some fish, broccoli and quinoa to cook for din

annd that's it and that's all. going to bed and hopefully waking up with enough time to catch up on blogs and emails! night night ! xxo


ps - we lost

ohh my lord up in heaven.

that game nearly gave me a heart attack. Overtime? for reals? I can't handle it. I truly cannot deal. be it in football, basketball or extra innings in a baseball game. It always gives me little tiny heart attacks.  I'm pretty sure that this is how I'm going to die as an old woman. In overtime, at some FSU ball game. Between Basketball, baseball and football seasons I will most likely be full on gray come next January.
sit down? what's that?
I remember the very first time I saw the noles lose in real life (IRL). I was just a little girl and I boo hoo-ed all the way home. It is not a pretty sight for anyone around to watch a game with me. I'm a total embarrassing crazy person that just might punch the air, yell a four letter word, cry, gag, ya know, the usual...

I'm a looney bin. can't help it and can't change this late in the game. My hub knows how I am about sports and I told him that we have to brainwash our future children to be like this too, otherwise they will just think I'm a nut job. ha. this makes me totally normal, right??

seminole choppin at the beginning of the game. duhh. (poor lil Brutus)
awww. fam portrait with dognapped Brutusss!
E and Bru, the Nole Dog. doesn't he look so happy??!

Happy Weekend, blogging has lifted my spirits, on to baseball season!

blogging > ironing

hey hey heyy!

so I was gonna iron before getting ready for work but I decided that can wait. obviously.

major re-doing of our closets & guest room which means I'm about to (try to) sell a whole mess of clothes to Plato's closet which means I need to iron them first. but. yeah. I can do that tomorrow, right? right.

FSU basketball tonight! ok- so, I have been LOLing all by my lonesome at this chain of facebook commentaries... it's between my sis in law, and our friend (E's bff/ best man from wedding) Chris and some other peeps. they are ridiculous. I do wish all of these things could happen tonight. and this might not be as entertaining to y'all as it is to me (with exception to all you nole fanatics out there) but without further adieu, some of my fave seminole fanatics... HAPPY FRIDAY !

Kc Caroline
In the powerful words of Chris Sanders, "tonight, 9:58pm, prepare to unite for utter domination of VCU!!"

    • Chris Sanders How cool would it be if right before the game, lets say 9pm, I shined a bright light into the sky in the shape of a magnificent FSU symbol, and from all over the state of Florida our friends united under one roof and we cheered for our beloved Seminoles to victory and onto the elite 8..........I think I will make that happen, so be looking up around that time. THANK YOU.
      2 hours ago ·  ·  3 people

  • Kc Caroline I'm counting on you. Don't let me down. Don't!
    2 hours ago · 

  • Chris Sanders I do not even know what 'let down means' because to me that sounds like a bad thing and Chris Sanders never does anything bad, Im too awesome!! hahahahhahahaha
    2 hours ago ·  ·  2 people

    • Kc Caroline Win.
      2 hours ago · 

    • Chris Sanders 
      Ok well if for some reason I am not able to get a 'magnificent FSU symbol' light bulb than this is my plan B......Around 9:00pm I will inhale as much air as possible, and with this massive breath I will blow into a FSU certified sea shell that will be heard all across the land and from the depths of the sea, dark of the night, shade of the forest and bellows of the earth, our friends will unite under one roof and we will then proceed to cheer on our beloved Seminoles to a triumphant victory over VCU and after the victory we will proceed to "drink and be merry" 

      2 hours ago ·  ·  2 people


a quick hellooo!

Hey friends!

sorry it's been so long since I've posted... got so busy with the new job :) training/working for the past week I seem to have forgotten how to get my blogging in. plus nothing too eventful has been going on here!

We have been dogsitting/house sitting this weekend for our friends and have enjoyed having some doggies around! 1 Brutus and 1 Cody.

I currently have a pot of turkey chili simmering and am about to make some corn bread with it. yumm yumm.. I'll post the recipe tomorrow w/ pics!

But the most exciting/important thing going on right now is the FSU vs Notre Dame basketball game!

GOOOO NOLESSS!!! annnd fun fact... Bernard James, #5, served in the Air Force for 6 years before attending college! He is 26 now! yayyyy Air Force and FSU :)

ok gotta go watch this game.. we are currently beating ND, fyi!



What I'm LOVING wednesday!!!!!

This Wednesday I am loving my trip to Carmel-by-the-sea with my friend michelle!
we had a delicious lunch at Carmel Belle... I had a chicken and brie sandwich. yumm yum! If you are ever in this area definitely go to Carmel, lots and lots of great shops and restaurants.

then we got pedicures at the T & L nail spa .. I got "you're such a Kabuki queen" I basically choose my nail polish color based on the name. and OPI has the best names. hands down. one of my dream jobs is to be the nail polish namer at OPI. don't worry, I already looked in to it and I'm pretty sure that "Suzi" is the official namer of color. have you noticed there are lots and lots of col ***********I interrupt this unimportant tirade about nail polish to inform you that this girl just got hired as a Beauty Advisor for Lancome********************** and that is what I am really loving wednesday! 

but yeah... Suzi appears a lot in the polish names (i.e. Suzi skis the Pyrenees & Suzi says feng shui) 
You're Such a Kabuki Queen
 I'm loving Lancome for hiring me!!!
I'm loving that we are about to go on a date since it has been so long. and to celebrate, too! 
SUSHI and sakeee! mmmm! 
I love all my bloggy friends/readers!
ok sushi is a callin'
xxo g

link up with Jamie for WILW


big sur & a thrift & mardi gras

Hello blog friends!

have not felt very inspired lately to write about anything in particular so my apologies for these lacking/non-existent posts as of late...

we had a lovely weekend hiking down in Big Sur... followed by drinks by the river and a Saturday night cookout.

of course, you all know that I am not the best when it comes to photog things.. I did remember to bring my camera for the hike and river escapades, however the memory card was still in my computer at home. ugghh. I have got to work on my documentation skills.
the Big Sur River... image from google
I can't wait to go back when it's warm enough to actually sit in those chairs.... with a book.... or drink... or both...

E and I went running down by the water then made an impromptu trip to goodwill where I found two pottery barn throw pillows in perfect condition for $5! woohooo!

and one more thing... in honor of mardi gras where some of my fave ladies are celebrating the bachelorette-dom of cuz-in-law Jenna...
yep. this is very true.

night night people!
xxo g


my first MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

1. Do you or your {spouse} ever wish your {spouse} was in a different branch of the military? submitted by The Turner Family
nope. never crossed my mind... he could be a linguist in any other branch but AF was his top choice!
2. What duty station(s) are on your “No Way, Hell No, Not Going, Have Fun Unaccompanied” list and why? submitted by Every Branch
I would never leave him unaccompanied anywhere. But way on the bottom of the list would have to be Cannon AFB in Clovis, NM. never heard one single good thing about the place. My hubs said that while in Afghanistan guys would come from that base and, no lie, say that the base in Afghan is nicer than clovis. That is sad! and terrifying. esp because it is like one of four places we could be next year! 
3. If you could be one age forever, what age would you choose and why? submitted by Three Krakens
i don't know... I'm 24 now.. and have enjoyed every one and am excited for all the years to come. is that vague enough for ya? I can't decide on just ONE year of my entire life!?
4. If you were a breakfast cereal, which one would you be? submitted by the C.W.
well if you are what you eat then I would be... Kashi Honey Sunshine or Go Lean Crunch or plain cheerios! but Honey Sunshine sounds the best :)
5. What is your morning beverage of choice and why?  submitted by NH Girl Displaced
COFFEEEE!! gotta have it. I had 3 cups this a.m. and went back for number 4 but I was all out. which is a good thing b/c can you say crackhead? 

Happy Weekend to you all!

xxo g


no rhyme or reason

just saw the trailer for "something borrowed" on E news and realized that it has been yearrrrrs since I read it and couldn't remember the story all that well. So i pulled out my uber heavy book box to search for it thinking there is no way i still have it.... i have this habit of lending out books to never see them again which i don't really mind- sharing is caring! and i'm sure I have a number of other ppl's books. but anyways i found it! so yayy! gonna read that before the movie comes out.

speaking of E! news someone just said flip-flops are "the kiss of death esp. for celebrities" I mean, they are super casual but I do love my havi's for yoga and pedi's. ok and sometimes they do make their way out the door with me for errands. what do you think, flip flops - yay or nay?

my fav havi's  

now I'm watching man v. wild... It used to be my fave show on account of Bear Grylls' sexiness but that was, of course, before I met my even sexier hub! 

sorry for the randomosity of this post....bored & waiting on E to get home so we can go for a run! we've been really good about our GTL lately (well, not so much T) but definitely G&L

oh yeah - job update... Went in for interview 2 and it went really well sooo i then immediately had interview 3 with one of the counter manager's and it went well and then she said they will be in contact with me b/c there is one more interview i have to do! geeezzzzeeee louise!!! 4 interviews? for a part time job?? a bit frustrating, i just want to start something NOW.....

in my quest to blog more i come up with posts like this.... my apologies. not too much going on right now! and i'm in a little funk but i think this is the kind that comes once a month and lasts about 5 days... i just ate a handful of black olives then a ton of strawberries with cool whip.

ok I'm done.

and tomorrow is friday.

xxo g 


Happy March!

just a few things...

we ordered new bikes yesterday! I'm so excited... we live biking distance from everything here! and there is a bike trail that goes all the way through Monterey and Pacific Grove.  After lots of research we found these Kona Africa bikes. If you buy 2, they donate one to rural Africa to help people get around and transport things more easily, you can read more here. So, if you are in the market for new bikes, definitely check these out!

Mine is in white:
"rear rack that's strong enough to carry your sister"

and E's is in black:
"and a basket in front for her flowers"
I love the basket! for all my groceries, flowers and one day, a puppy!

I have my second interview today at 1:30! I'm excited and really hope to get the job! next time I blog I realllly hope it's good news I will be sharing!

until then, happy tuesday!

xxo g
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