happy birthday to my sistah in law

miss Kacy Carolinahhh ... nothin' could be finahh!
kacy as a housewife on halloweenie 
 you're finally as old and wise as me! ha!
 In searching for pics to post of the birthday girl, i got very sidetracked and took a little trip down memory lane. gahhh i miss this lady so much! like i have mentioned before.. we bring out the crazy in each other. annnd one day we will be neighbors and drive our children crazy and also tell them how perfect we have always been. right kacy?? I won't blow your cover if you won't blow mine! :)
awww yeah. F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E 
this is us at the beach. awkwardly embracing 
at BonnarOo. talkin and hula hoopin. all day.
oh and some exciting news in the kacy department... this is Kyle, her brand new boyfriend. aren't they cute? i know I'm a total weirdo for this. but whatev. they just made it official on the book. so i can definitely blog about it. duh.

so sleepy from mine and E's adventure today and gotta work tomorrow... but i can't wait to share pics from our weekend. good night all!!


  1. I love those people in our family who bring out the crazy in us! We all need to them to survive! Super cute pictures!

  2. Happy birthday to Kacy! Y'all are definitely crazy ;)

  3. JEWya you my faves. I love love lovey-dove you. I got day-drunk on my bday and before getting night drunk, spent time getting ready, putting on fake lashes, and realizing that I needed you in my presence. Especially when my make-up looked wack and my eyelashes were sticking to my forehead. Border-line depression for those few minutes, but zeee bday party was fantastic. I just wish y'all could've flown in, just for the night at least. But we can't all be millionaires and pilots...yet.


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