okayyyy. let's go to Hawai'i

well, since it's so cold freezing rain. and since I am such a bad blogger and have yet to post the wedding (i promise i will!) I will give you a glimpse into the honeymoon! & there is a reason it is only a glimpse, unfortunately.
now lemme FIRST tell you that in the madness that was 8/21.. we litCHerally got to the honeymoon suite, slept for 4 hrs and flew out at 7am to reach our Hawaiian bungalow.
with fam and friends coming in town and having Rehearsal Dinner, Bridesmaid Brunch, Wedding, Reception annnnd with E being gone the entire week prior to the wedding (PLUS all the months in afghan b4) I forgot a few things.
but by things I mean our awesome cemera that he bought me for my birthday. aka the CAMERA.
yep. we flew to our H-Moon with not a camera. and this was before our iphone time and ALL our pics were taken w/ a disposable.
a few to share, and sorry about the quality - it's disposable
these pics are pretty much completely out of order....

heading back to the continetal US :(


my lil guppy!!

? weirds


if you see him. you will know

our friends from aus!

it's DaKine da bra!


online shopping friday

Thank you all for the "good lucks" from my last post! The interview went awesome, and I got a second one! unfortunately the lady who is in charge of hiring in the makeup dept. was in San Fran at a makeup convention (sounds pretty fun, huh?) and won't be back until tomorrow so I am anxiously awaiting her call/email to set up the next interview. And now that my hopes are up about finally having a job, I have been online window shopping. I can't wait for spring and summer!! I love bright colors, patterns and dresses.
I don't know how warm it gets here in the spring but I do know that we have a wedding in Fla to attend in July! E's cousin Jenna is getting married on the beach!
the happy couple, love them!
Jen & Rick (stole this from her fb)
They are getting married at the Crowne Plaza in Melbourne, Fl
how pretty is this?! i got this from the CP website
Some dresses I want oh so badly. for the wedding. for my closet. for spring. for summer.
originally saw this on Jamie's blog.. she always posts super cute dresses!
and it has pockets!
totally crazy about the back
the only thing I don't like about this dress is that it is 100% polyester and for $97.99 don't you think it should be 100% cotton?

Dress 2 that I love
this one is less expensive and it's 100% cotton! 

both dresses would look so cute with
and this skinny belt
don't ya think?
other things I just found and love
this dress for the 4th, or the beach, or both

ok. I am getting way ahead of myself! the 4th! really?? hahah.
It is freezing rain again this weekend, as it was last. so I need to stick with 
these yellow Hunter rain boots 

my umbrella
& slippers by ze fiya 

and until then I will still browse my VS catalog and dream of being here, on our little beach in Hawaii
 happy weekend loves
xxo g

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