playing catch up: (2) May // vegas bachey party and some randoms

In may we celebrated my dear sweet friend, Heather's, bachelorette party in Sin Cityyyy! the weekend was perfect.. I will direct you over to a lovely post Sarah made about it here since I forgot my stinkin camera. I do have a few iphone pics and some (read: one) I got off facebook.

lingerie shower
the drive through the desert to and from Vegas is freaking lonnng but so gorgeous!
definitely didn't take these while driving.. 

Other than the vegas trip, may was pretty low key..
we went on some dates

sunset on Carmel Beach

I also had tea with Ava and Brutus. remember Brutus? awwww.

more to come from June - July - August!


  1. Thanks for finally updating your life :)

    Loves you!

  2. Vagas trip looks amazing!! May??? You are catching up arent you! lol

    Hows work going and life in Cali?

  3. gorgeous pictures of you girls in Vegas, and I know about the long drive. I drove thru the desert 18 HOURS nonstop just to get back home once. It totally sucked.

  4. amazing pictures im a new follower and as i add you have a beautiful family looks like u had a lot of fun! if u would like to follow me back @ http://socalsweetheart.blogspot.com/ u could i am a military wife as well from southern cali <3


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