playing catch up: (1) Fam visit//End of April

((Since I have seriously been slackin on the bloggin I'm going to do a little catch up series!  We've been busy with visitors and a couple trips to Vegas and one quick trip to Florida for a beautiful beach wedding.))

I did a little post when my mom, steppy, and brother arrived but never finished...

my mother came bearing gifts,
hello kitty socks & band-aids (i'm 5) plus will&kate book and a magnet! mom, you da best.
The Royal Wedding started at 1am here. so while most sane people just DVR'd it (I did, but just for mom. and to watch it as much as possible, duh) I set my alarm for 1, turned on the live coverage and baked a wedding cake for them. whatever, I'm festive..
ok. this is embarrassing, but it's true. and I know the cake is pretty ghetto with the blue gel frosting and all. it was 1am, people, remember??

anywho. along with royal wedding festivities we did lots of eating out and some hiking/sight seeing. I worked every day they were here (bummmmerrr) but we squeezed in as much as possible!
breakfast at rosines
will & i... the striped twins again.
the beautiful hike at Pt. Lobos

pupping season!

On their last night we went to Hula's for dinner!

after dinner William was so excited to finally have a "no parents allowed" sleepover where he had big hopes and dreams of "staying up all night" and playing video games til the wee hours.  En route from dinner to the house (like < 5 mins) E and will were acting all crazy and william started laughing so hard which progressed into a coughing fit which progressed into vomit all over the backseat of our car.  I couldn't help but laugh. I mean, it was funny. They're all "la la la.... silly song.... la la la la...having the best time ever.." and bam. vomit. (he was fine) but immediately took a bath, read his book and went to bed. the next day he told mom the only reason he didn't stay up all night was because he "partied too hard". hahahaa. love that kid.

ok, on to working on some more catch up posts. so stay tuned! (oh and I plan on getting to my emails soon, too. thanks for still reading/commenting even though i've sucked at my blog lately!!)
xxo lovveee

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  1. I love that you made a cake for the Royal Wedding :)

    Miss you lots!


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