Yosemite trip and some boxed wine

We had a wonderful weekend in Yosemite and I already want to plan another trip back. Luckily they had some snow up there so Saturday we got to ski all day at Badger Pass (ca's oldest ski resort)! It was nice to not have to spend half the day in line at the lift like at some of the resorts in Tahoe. (don't get me wrong, I lovvve Tahoe and the all the ski options there but last time we were stuck in line/on lifts more than we were skiing)

the drive in... my redneck bf. 
 beautiful day driving. this is the San Luis Reservoir
 just getting to the park at night.. Clear skies and the moon!
This is where we stayed. It's basically a glorified tent. Apparently booking your trip 3 days before your trip leaves you with few options..... This I wouldn't mind normally, but normally it's not 18* under the canvas roof of where I rest my head. but nothing a few coors lights won't help!
I call this... where'd your ass go?
on the way to ski :)
after skiing we wanted to check out the "El Captain" rock.. every February this occurs when the sun goes down and hits Horsetail Falls. It's supposed to look like lava.. this is the picture I got but it was somewhat cloudy this night. Other pictures of it look way more awesome. like this & this
after sundown we got a deck of cards, pizza and some beer and headed to the lodge (where there was a fire place, thank god) and had a super intensely competitive nice relaxing game of cards. 

Sunday we hiked around, I'll save that for another post. my target wine cube is calling. what? it's only 11.99! for the amount of 2 bottles... it's award winning! don't act like you've never had wine from a box....

**ps- just saw Kacie B on Ellen. love that pink dress.. anyone know where she got it?? you can't tell in the pic but the back is all open. lovvee. 

ok. bye! 


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