yosemite trip cont. and moving update

Sunday morning after breakfast and coffee we planned a hike up to Yosemite falls..

bidding adieu to our lil freezing cold tent 
& the opposite view, from our tent with the granite cliffs. every view in the park was unbelievable
starting the hike.. Eddie & the forest
 & me with Half Dome in the background 
so our our bus driver, the one that took us to the ski slopes, said that on this rock face is Abraham Lincoln's profile... see it? bottom left in the picture. I think it looks more like the moon sliver profile face dude... like this
 "come along, explorers!" what movie?
 photo at the bottom of yosemite falls
 sweet view of half dome
 The falls and half dome.

 leaving the park!
So long, farewell! 

that wraps up our Yosemite weekend! 
The movers were here all day Tuesday and we have been sleeping on our air mattress and have begun the living-out-of-the-suitcase dream! The road trip to Texas begins on Monday and in the mean time we are patching up those pesky holes in our wall and doing one last deep clean now that all the furniture is gone. 

happy friday everyone! 


  1. I love all your photos! I know it sounds strange but I grew up in California and still haven't seen Yosemite yet... I'm a strange one ;-)

  2. Looks amazing, so beautiful there!! Hope y'all have a safe trip to TX, keep us updated!


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