wednesday night and all is well!

Happy Wednesday! Thanks to all you new followers for leaving me sweet comments on my beginning blog!
E and I were so busy today making final plans on the honeymoon... picking the ceremony and reception music.. talking with my photogs who are so great (http://www.smittenphotos.com/blog/).. emailing my WONDERFUL wedding
planner (John Gandy Events) ..when I think he is with another bride it makes me a little jealous.. is that bad??... While E was on base doing necessary out-processing to get us to Cali in a timely manner, I went honeymoon shopping! :) I went to the outlet mall in Destin where they had amazing sales on summer clothes since all their new stuff is for fall! OMG I could have cried over all the beautiful things at Saks... but I practiced remarkable self control and shopped for bathing suits at VS, dresses, tops, and accessories at Banana Republic and a few accessories at Old Navy. Some GREAT finds!

 Suit I got from VS - but in turquoise... It is magically padded... Don't think it's practical for snorkeling or other water activities seeing as how I just might sink to the bottom when the padding fills with water! ha!

I have also been looking for a high-waisted two piece vintage-y suit with no luck... anyone know where to find a super cute one?!

sooo yeah - still homeless... Living in a hotel room for this week, E keeps it SO COLD and with all my winter wardrobe being locked away in a storage unit I had to revert to his flight suit as my only warm apparel...

Ok - night night bloggers! here's to keeping warm on this humid, 84* night in FLA!



  1. LOVE the bridal pics...SO pretty :)

    Your new suit is super cute!

    Don't freeze tonight cause I sure want to see you on Saturday!

    Love you lots :)

  2. Love you precious ` Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  3. Your photographers look like they do some amazing work! I love that type of quality of pictures! It looks like you are looking at clips from a movie! I always get froze out too in the summer, I dont care if it is 100 degrees outside, If I am cold in the house a sweatshirt is a coming on!! haha

  4. Your pictures are absolutey stunning :) I love them all!!! Good luck with the last min wedding details and enjoy every moment of your big day, it really does go by so quickly! xoxo

  5. Your pictures look so so good! Love them :)

    Very cute bathing suit from VS. Have fun on your honeymoon!

    I'm a new follower! I follow your cousin Jamie's blog so I thought I'd check yours out :)


  6. Julia, hey, this is my first time looking a a blog, and I love it because it's news about you and Eddie-boy! Looking forward to following your adventures! Love you in that flight suit and love you in that beautiful dress! Wow, Just so lovely! Can't wait to hug you all and we will all be ear- to- ear grins, when we aren't crying those happy wedding tears! Love Mama Flo

  7. Love that suit! VS has the best bathing suits!! And you look too cute in his flight uniform :)

  8. Hi, Gia! Love the name of your blog - too cute! Congrats on graduation :) Following you right back!


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