Wednesday before the Wedding!

Morning blog friends! I've been staying with my mom, step-dad and lil bro this week... taking care of last minute wedding things and enjoying all the home cooked meals and family time! 

last night at dinner my brother was "insulting" me and said, "You look like a zebra... and THAT is REALISTIC!!" hahah. what does that mean?? Also, today he begged me to play Mario Kart with him and when I started winning he was so mad
he said: "I'm calling the police on you"
me: "yeah? what are you going to say?"
bro: "That my sister is driving me INSANE!"

me with little bro! at the farm house!
well - can't really put anything off today! Going to the post office, need lots of stamps for all the thank you's i need to be writing from my shower last weekend... got to pack for Hawaii and make sure E packs too! I already made detailed lists for both of us.. mine is three times as long... going to do a trial run hair-do with my veil.... the soon to be in-laws are coming in tonight and possibly E so hopefully we will all have a minute to visit! happy Wednesday everyone!!


  1. I hope you get everything accomplished today on that to-do list!! I live by a list, which is kind of sad all in itself.....sounds like it will be time for your wedding in NO TIME! AND HECK YES! To packing for HAWAII!!!!!

  2. Ohhhhh William! He's so silly!

    Good luck with all the last minute details :)

    See you in TWO days! Loves you!

  3. Yay! How exciting! Remember to enjoy all the small moments in the next few days - it'll be over before you know it! Good luck :)


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