one week from today.....

I will be married! I am so looking forward to no more wedding planning.... It has been fun BUT... always a but... I need to be freed of this overwhelming world of wedding decisions.... what flowers, colors, bridesmaid dresses, linens, square or circle cake tiers, regular bouquet, throw bouquet, music, tuxes, bridal party gifts, chairs, registries, food, drinks, venue, invitations, hotels.......... ahhhh. 7 days. closer to 6. Let's pray for good weather. aka. overcast and breezy! rain rain go away... unless you want to come around 3pm and let up around 5... that would be great.  but then not too much sun or humidity. haha. this is North Fla. wishful thinking?  here's my pretty, shady venue... http://goodwoodmuseum.org/

Besides not having wedding plans I am looking forward to 8 days in Hawaii with my favoritest scar head! and more importantly a long and happy life, marriage, lots of (or maybe not a lot of) lil kiddies!
Beautiful Oahu Beach and a map of the Island!  I loveeee maps (and I know I will love the island)!!

E is in New Orleans for his Bach party right now and I just received an illegal phone call. I'm guessing his Bachelor Squad (as they named themselves... not bachelor party or groomsmen thankyou) took his phone away :( ruuuuuude! so he just called me from a BS members phone and we chatted for a sec before another member of BS took the phone away, screamed I love you and hung up! just glad this will all be over with tomorrow!

I had my last bridal shower today given to me by the ladies in my dad's sunday school class... It was soo nice! I got to have a sleepover with my cousin fri night where we watched all the new Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta episodes! We went through the letters we used to write back and forth as kids! soooo funny!! My sister wrote something like: My fish, Gwen, is pregnant. then she drew a picture of a pregnant fish and all these baby fishies whose names included Lurch and Tree (my faves).. how do you draw a pregnant fish?!

I got to see my lil flower girl today... she is in the terrible two's right now and her fave word is "no". No to everything. Hopefully she won't say no when it comes to sprinkling flowers down the aisle... I wouldn't even be mad though... she is the CUTEST! here she is with flowers in her hair! I have another lil cousin who is a bit older who will, hopefully, be a help with this one!

Night night all! Enjoy your Sunday :)


  1. I can't wait for the big day either!

    Awww I'm glad you got to talk to him and know that he's alive :)

    I had SO much fun hanging out, laughing, and just spending time with you!

    See you so very soon! Loves you lots!

  2. I just found your blog through Military Spouse blogging and it is so cute! Have fun in Hawaii! We just got done being stationed there. You're going to love it!

  3. Hey precious..... Hang in there,only a few more details to take care of and then it's done. What would we do without the fabulous JG?

  4. Aw, what a little cutie! :) Congrats on the wedding, hope everything is perfection!

  5. Lurch and Tree?! What was I thinking? Love you Seed. Can't wait till Saturday!!!!!!! xo mv

  6. That's so cute your man snuck a phone call! :)

    Sounds like you and Jamie had a lot of fun! Girls nights are the best.

    Your flower girl is adorable too. I'm sure you're going to have the best time in Hawaii!

  7. Hey, I came over from your cousin's blog! Congrats on the wedding and I totally know what you mean about being ready to be done planning. I just got married a month ago. It's almost weird though not having any wedding stuff to do!


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