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Hey! Well we have been married for over a month now, honeymooned, drove cross country in a Penske truck, house hunted and are just now getting settled in our place...  I will do separate blogs for all those adventures when I have some more time!

Big Sur
E has Friday and Monday off so we are going down to Big Sur to camp! I'm so excited for our first big Cali adventure...

Oh and BIG exciting news!

My sister and I at the bridal shower she gave me!

Sooo.. I have been a little emotional these past few days... that lovely premenstrual epidemic that makes you burst in to tears.. or a fit of rage or a chocolate binge or just an afternoon nap... (for me at least..) when I was doing the dishes and my sister called me. I was so happy to hear her voice when she started to tell me that her and her BF were trying to come visit for her bday in a couple weeks but her bf couldn't get in touch with me (I just got a new phone/number) and he wanted it to be a surprise for her... Well anyways I heard they were going to come but now they can't because of how much the flight prices went up.

accidental pose-ness

Being my totally unstable and crazy-girl time of month mixed with being family/friendsick and not to mention we have celebrated our birthday's together our entire lives (well my entire life) I became very upset.. right there at the kitchen sink I burst in to tears. lost all control - hysterical.  She tries to calm me down before having to go back to work and it helped a bit.... About an hour later she calls back and says, "I'm flying to San Fran..." me, trying not to get my hopes up remained calm and asked when and then she said "for my birthdayyy!!" so of course I started my hysterics again but this time it was a happy hysterical not a pathetic, sad hysterical.  yayy!! can't wait to see her!!! words can't even express
Sister and I in North Ga for her last bday

 how excited I am for my very first guests!




  2. Awwww yay! Love y'all both!

    P.S. Send me your new number :)

  3. Well, that is so good!! We are so glad Mary Van can come and you all
    can be together for her birthday!
    Keep us posted on that and your camping adventure and Big Ed and Big Sur!! Love you all! Mama Flo!

    PS We are watching the big game with the DArlings, and also watching the LSU/gator game as Ann was an LSU cheerleader in the day!

  4. LOOOVE IT!! So glad she worked it out to come and see you for her birthday! I am sure it is going to be JUST as special for her as it is for you!! :) SOoooo sweet!!!


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