NorCal gorgeousness

Living in the south my entire life, the weather here is taking some getting used to! Most days are gorgeous but some are so foggy you can barely see your hand in front of your face.  Either way, it's fun, it's different... We lucked out a couple weekends ago when we went hiking down in Big Sur, it was warm and clear out. and it's always a plus that this area of California has some of the most breathtaking landscape I have ever seen.  The first time E drove me down Hwy 1 I literally could not stop gasping and saying "wowwww". Seriously, that's all I could say.. after 20 minutes of wow-ing I made a conscious effort to stop, or pick another word but I literally couldn't.. just uncontrollable, non-stop, wow's. There's no word that would do it justice so pictures will have suffice. But even still, pictures can't compare to real life Hwy 1!
don't step back, cutes!
Happy california cows! nom
Hiking around Big Sur
ahhhh!! Love it!
peekaboo tree
MV & Aug time in Cali
hey gurrrrl!
seed and I before her bday dinner!
the Bixby bridge... gettin real foggy but still gorgeous!
xxo gia


  1. Yay for a blog post!

    Cali looks beautiful and I'm so glad Mary and Aug got to come visit :)

    Miss you and loves you lots!

  2. Your pictures are AMAZZZING!!!
    Please frame the picture of you and your sisssy!! So pretty!
    And that picture with your sister and the Bixby bridge! WOW!!

  3. love your pictures, where are you from in the south. I am from GA. Good luck in CA and Happy Holidays


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