birthday celebrations

were had in South Lake Tahoe this year! 24 years for me and 27 for my sweet hubs! It was quite the adventure seeing as how I have never skied in my life and E has been skiing for 20+ years... needless to say I got skiing lessons as my bday present and had a ball learning this foreign sport!
our friend snapped this pic of Eddie coming down the Mountain!
We stayed at a cozy cabin and skied at the Heavenly ski resort... the views were incredible..
Heavenly Ski resort. this is obviously not me! 
I can't wait to go on another ski trip now that I have learned the basics (pizza and french fry.. all day long) and hopefully I will be able to keep up with E on those super scary black diamonds! ha! one of these days....

On a different note, I got this amazing cookbook for christmas called "Southern My Way" and am going to make a Chicken and veggie roast for supper tonight! Never cooked a whole chicken before soooo this shall be a good time in the kitchen!
I loveee this cookbook!

this is what I'm going for..... 
And one more thing! Happy Birthday to my Mimi! love you so much.
Mimi with all her girls! Aunts, cousins, sisters, moms, daughters and one Super Mimi! 
ok - now I must go learn how to butterfly a chicken
whatever that means
sounds scary.
wish me luck.
xxo gia


  1. Glad y'all had fun skiing...it looks beautiful!

    Good luck cooking supper :) I know it will be great!

    I called Mimi today to wish her a happy birthday and she was so funny! She said she wasn't even sure how old she was today!

    Miss and love you lots!

  2. Ooooh I'm jealous! I live in the bay area but I'm from Georgia originally and i LOVE Tahoe! It's been way too long. :)


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