christmas in january....?

Some Christmas card outtakes

I am just now getting around to uploading all my pictures from our travels East (home home) for the holidays.... it was crazy... flew to Atlanta, stayed for a day.. last minute shopping (& wrapping) so I wouldn't have to fly with presents...
Cousin at the ATL wrap station!
drove to South Ga for my dad's side of the family Christmas...
My grandma, Aunt Ann and cuz Page

opening presents and chattin with Grams!
1 cuz, 1 little tiny baby cuz and Uncle Jeff

my cousin Jennifer with her sweet baby girl (number one of two!) 

cousin club in the playroom :)
got to stay a few days and enjoy all of my Georgia family... miss these sunsets on the farm..
Our next stop was my mom and stepdad's house down in Florida
got to see the lovely Miss Twiggs
made this cheesecake with my mom... turtle pecan chocolate! it's sooo yummy but we only make it during the Holidays! 
roller-blades from High School still in the garage? check. obviously had to do the ol neighborhood loop!
annnd Christmas round two!

Mama D makes the best stockings! fake lashes, lipgloss, HK..etc etc. yes pleaseee!

&&&&& I love my hub.

Sooo when that got old we headed on down further south to have our christmas #3 with E's fam! 

Christmas Eve celebrations began as soon as we arrived! 

cousins Melanie and Jenna and sis in law kc!
the wacky band! 
Christmas Morning came bright and early with cinnamon rolls & coffee (bloody mary's were a little later!)
mama and papa flo - present overload!

our first christmas! and a 75 degree one at that

after all the festivities we laid low for a few days... but just a few because then it was time for all kinds of bff's to arrive in Palm Beach for the NYE celebrations (and to watch the Chick Fil A bowl - Go Noles!)
boys watching the game (they set it up on a projector outside)

yay! claire flew in from atl

girrrrls watching the game

the boys really got dressed up for new years! 

kc and her adolescent diary.

the wonderful hosts

happy new yearrr

&& go noles! my mother in law = awesome
noles win! and then we went out on the town
reunited w some former roomies. love them, miss them.
one last day in So Flo... beeeeach!

palm beach Troll = me
 &&& Gia goes West ... doesn't it look like an ocean of clouds?
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well this post made me realize that
a) I hoard pictures
b) I am not good at taking pics
 - i.e.
didn't get a pic with half of my Ga family, including my dad. didn't get a pic with my mom. didn't get a couple pic with E on new year's......
c) i need to update my blog more

(almost February) New Years resolutions? yes. definitely some things I need to work on!

night night all xxo

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  1. Awww I'm loving so much about this post :) I love all the pictures from y'alls trip home! I hate that we didn't snap a couple of us!

    Miss and love you lots!


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