What I'm loving Wednesday

I'm loving my sweet cousin Jamie, thanks for WILW :)
I am loving my new OPI color "you don't know Jacques"

I'm loving John Steinbeck's "Cannery Row" I love reading about how this area was in the 1940's and how much has changed... and how much hasn't.
I am loving doing morning hikes with my friend Michelle. I'm so thankful to have a girlfriend out here to get workout/chat time with! (& it helps that Monterey has lots of beautiful hikes)
I am LOVING the weather here! it has been low 70's alllll week! Springtime in January.. Pleasantville anyone? this was the MOON over the bay the other night. i'm serious, the moon!
loving my hubs, always. even when he plays video games as hard as possible, like right now.... it's almost bedtime, E! (here he is with his buddy...3D glasses and all, right close to the screen... boys will be nerds)

Going to bed... tomorrow is day 2 of get me a damn job.. Day 1 was really good (surprisingly not discouraging) but I am wiped out. will post about that laterrr! xxo g


  1. my hubs loves Steinbeck...but he teaches english so I guess it's only natural. Good luck on the job front!

  2. Yay for playing along!

    I love all your loves :)

    Call me soon to catch up!

    Loves you!


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