waitin' wishin'

so I recently mentioned my real girl job search... It seemed impossible (at least for some time) to find a job that roughly had the same hours as E.-- i.e. no weekends or holidays. I like to travel on weekends and with so many places to see here I want to have my weekends open.  I quickly realized that in this economy I should take what I can get.  And honestly I can't be too picky because 1) I am bored and 2) we definitely could use another income.
So last week I went over to the Army community center for some guidance where they have tons of resources for us military spouses.  I left with tons of pamphlets, somewhat of a revised resume and feeling a tad overwhelmed.
I sat down at our desk when I got home and started browsing all the pamphlets. which eventually led me to a website where I found not one but THREE jobs at the Defense Language Institute (E's school/base!) one is at the student learning center as a study skills instructor, one is as an English instructor and one as a secretary. all around the same pay/same hours.
Tomorrow is (i think) the day I will find out about the first two. I'm so anxious. I hope one of these works out!
ughhhh. I'm gonna try to get some sleep. or keep looking at betseyville bags online.....
i want thisssss!
night night. hopefully i will be back with good news. cross your fingers, say a prayer!
xxo g


  1. Awwww Jules! That's so exciting! Let me know how it goes :) Love you!

  2. Glad you came across my blog! We were in Tally for 5 years (from SW FL) I went through TCC's nursing program and my hubby went to FSU and majored in mechanical engineering. What's your hubby do in the Air Force? I'm following you now and I'm looking forward to reading your blogs! Good luck with the job search, it's hard over here for me to get a job because you can't work off base (even if I could I don't speak the language) and they like to hire active duty in the hospital. I am going to start volunteering with Red Cross and hopefully that will get me a job :)


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