a post for wednesday (or thursday)

1) Sally Hansen Salon effects. so easy to apply, super long lasting... huge variety. LONG LASTING! I always chip my nails when I do them myself... but these have yet to see any weathering
2) Loving my Glamour magazine.. been a subscriber for 6ish years, it is soo wonderful. a perfect balance of beauty, fashion, world and national issues, health/fitness, women's issues and never a sex overload .. ahem.. cosmo...
3) getting home from work, taking my shoes off, taking out my contacts, sitting down, having a drink, taking my hair down annnnd taking off my bra. not necessarily in that order.  ( and i guess that would be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9) no pictures of 3-9 because well, that would be a pretty boring photo stream! except for number 9! hah!
4) I mean.. 10) love having our bikes. we have been riding them around town, to Trader Joe's and other little errands! this Saturday gonna ride on to the beach for a Pic-Nic. love that!

Go over to Jamie's blog to see what everyone else is loving this Wednesday... well i just realized it's not wednesday for a lot of you folks out there but.. what up to all my West Coast homies!!

haha. ok sorry, i digress.
 tired. nighttt!! 


  1. Love this! Especially your sex overload reference...I was a subscriber to Cosmo but called and cancelled halfway through my membership, even though I had paid for a while year, because I couldn't STAND that EVERY SINGLE ISSUE was "How to made your man happy in bed, how to satisfy your man under the sheets, how to work his naked body, how to give him the chills, etc etc etc etc" like every single time! Hate cosmo. Love Gamour :)

  2. Thanks for playing along cuz :)

    I love coming home from work and getting comfy too :)

    Hope y'all are having a great week!

  3. What's your favorite after work beverage? :) And, you're right on the money with Cosmo! When I was in high school, we giggled over the articles. Now, I cringe! It's the same tips...over...and over again. I think we learned them the first time around, Thanks for nothing COSMO!

  4. I love those nail stickers, too!! I did the checkered ones and I can't go anywhere without getting compliments! I'm trying the lace next ; )

  5. haha Loving your get home from work routine!

    Im so jealous that you can literetly ride your bike to Trader Joes!... I have to drive 2 hours to get to mine AND I get no exercise in the process! BOO!! ur so lucky! :)

    So this Sally Hansen stuff really lasts? I love the variety of styles! I can buy OPI and do everything that the salon does and my nails STILL chip within a day or two. I'll definitely be checking this out!

    Hope you have a good weekend lady!


  6. I am loving the animal print nails. I may have to test these out!

    And yea, Glamour is pretty legit. I have been getting issues for some time now. Only thing is, I have not subscribed to them. I think they are subscribed to the unit above me. But hey, it has MY ADDRESS on it. So, because she is loud and obnoxious most of the time, I will be enjoying her magazine!(I think she just canceled it though, because I haven't gotten one in quite some time)

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