things that make me laugh

Ellen. she always makes me laugh. watch this vid!

I'm not even a huge fan of cats but I lovee this website. definitely makes me giggle.

I discovered this website a few years ago and if you haven't been here go. now. it is awesome.
some classics:

My sis in law.. she's my bff, we lived together in college, she is hi.lar.i.ous. we bring out the crazy in each other. &&& she just started a funny lil blog :)
this is us. being real gurls.
and this. this! i just can't..  hahhahahha
us being.. normal
remember that skit? "Priscilla! Priscilla! open up the door!"? hahah well ya. if not, youtube it. otherwise this is just embarrassing.

and there is this. I'm sure you have checked it out before (or it has happened to you).. but gahh. some are just so dang awkward!
so much more makes me laugh but those are just a few! 
what are some of your fave funnies?
happy Thursday, it has been raining baddd here so I'm gonna curl up by the fire!
xxo G


  1. You and Kacy are so silly!

    Those auto correct texts are SO funny!

  2. That Priscilla thing is so disturbing, I mean, really, sweetie...

  3. I LOVE Ellen! And I miss that show. They don't show it on armed forces network :(


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