weekend looked a little like...

lots and lots of rain.
it was actually very nice. I don't remember the last time I saw a rain storm last for 37 mins here! this rain lasted for dayyss!
storm brewin on the bay
Friday we went to a chocolate and wine tasting at the public library. yep 3 of my favorite things, wine, chocolate and library!! and all for a good cause!
Saturday the rain never let up... I talked to my mom and sis on the phone for about an hour (they were hanging in Tallahassee) so they put me on speaker and we had a ball! I miss them SO much.
momma and sister
E and I then went to the good ol laundromat to do some much needed laundering.  ya see, when you live in a lil apartment in California, chances are you don't have a washer and dryer.  I spend lots of time in search for quarters and have emptied out my piggy bank so many times the poor guy doesn't even know what a quarter feels like anymore! so off we went with a week or two's worth of laundry.
annd welcome to my laundry outfit. i'm sorry. shoulda seen my shoes. idk what they have to do with my laundry not being done....? when in Rome i guess?
Sunday we were blessed with the sun! we got up early, went to the gym, then brunch! then Point Lobos for some hiking! it was an awesomeeee day. mainly because I love brunching. omg brunching is a word..? it didn't red scribble underneath it....! COOL
Point Lobos
oh and i forgot to mention Chinese take out and wine for din! mmm mmmm!
one more day of weekend tomorrow!
good night all!!
xxo g


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend :)

    I'm glad you got to talk to your mom and Mary!

    Point Lobos looks beautiful!

  2. Your family lives in Tally? I lived there for almost 5 years (yup I'm a Seminole) :)

  3. Heyy precious, we had the best time talking to you too! Love you! Hope you have a great day!


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