Weekend & Valentines re-cap

Almost every Saturday we go hiking with our friends and this weekend our destination was up in the Santa Cruz mountain region. It was so green and there was a creek running alongside the entire trail which made a perfect soundtrack to the hike.
Lunch Break!
We then ventured down to the Beach Boardwalk area where it was buy one get one all day ride pass! wooohoo. I was so excited to ride all the rides. They have this whole strip of rides just like a county fair, except it's there year round.  Now, I haven't been to a fair since High School but omg. I legit thought we were going to die on 90% of the rides. I mean, you can definitely hear creaks and cracks while waiting for your turn to get on the dang thing.  One of the roller-coasters track was super rusted and the other one had been in operation since 1924! And not to mention all the teenagers working these rides ... like, your whole life is in their teenager-y hands.
I'm definitely getting old and fearful.  I need to skydive before i completely lose the urge.
ze beach
omg. conehead.

We obvi survived and I must say, I can't wait to go back!
Sunday was our early spring - spring cleaning day. This weekend we are going to try to downsize the furniture  in our office/guest room by selling it on craigslist. That way E can have his desk and I can have room for all my scrapbooking and stamping stuff. My craft stuff is all over the place! We certainly love our apartment, location, price etc.. but there is just not enough storage in this lil place!
I also made cupcakes for E's class. I'm such a good mommy..... I mean wifey! :)
Tiny Apt exhibit A. do we have enough cereal?

oh you fancy, huh?

On v day E cooked for us (Salmon and broccoli) twas super tasty and then we met up for drinks with some of our Fla friends who were in town visiting.
&& he gave me this gawww-jusss ring! It's a garnet (my fave and my birthstone)
he's so thoughtful and muy romantico!
please excuse my pastyyyy hand! 
I wear it on my right hand but i couldn't take a pic with my big camera using my lefty!

 well that's all folks for this belated valentine post
xxo G


  1. LOVE all your pictures!

    Your new ring is gorge :)

    I have that same apron from Meems!

    Loves you!

  2. just came across your blog and i love it! seriously it's so FAB! omg and we have the same birthstone- which means your RING is AMAZING!!! xoxo i may def be a new follower

  3. I love the Santa Cruz Boardwalk! I love your pictures of it especially the one of the swings at night. Those cupcakes look delish! The ring the beautiful you lucky lady!

  4. GORGE ring! i can't remember the last time i went to a fair. miss it!

  5. Super cute cupcakes and gorgeous ring! I found your blog on the Military Spouse page :)

  6. Tell boyo he did a good job on the ring, love the cupcakes - they look just smashing on that platter!

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day/weekend!! :) Love that ring! Gorgeous!

  8. Hey there, just found your blog randomly. My husband and I are both from Santa Cruz so it was fun to read about it from a visitor's perspective! Enjoy California for us, we miss it every day!!
    Natalia @ Army of Two


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