in the name of love

Well this week has sure been dragging along. but it is friday! so yay! but i'm still waiting to hear back from numerous jobs and it is rather discouraging that it is mid February and I wanted to have a job by the end of Jan.  Soo yesterday I spent lots of the day tweaking my resume and searching for other jobs. in the midst of all that my day got... weird.
I couldn't remember where my original resume was saved, my comp or E's comp and since I was on his I searched for my first and last name b/c those are the first two words on my resume.  WELL... one of the first documents that popped up was titled "To My Wife" and I thought awww, it's a valentines love note, right?
then I noticed the date, May 2010 (when he was in Afghanistan) and the first two lines went something like, "to my beautiful wife, if you are reading this, then I can no longer be with you" I immediately felt sick and x'ed out. I can't believe I am reading this, I don't ever want to read this, look at this, know that this exists.  don't get me wrong it, is touching and thoughtful but more than that, it is morbid and sad. I felt sad that he wrote this while in the desert, already a depressing place.  I felt sad that many wives have read letters like this and not by accident but because they had lost their loved one.  I don't mean to be a downer but this was on my mind all day yesterday. I'm so grateful for all the men and women who serve and their families whose support is vital.
When he got home I told him that I had accidentally stumbled upon the letter and he just hugged me and said it was something he wanted to do, just in case. I can't imagine what that would be like, to write a letter like that..
So, to lighten the mood & with love in the air this holiday weekend (+ monday) I'm going to share some photos of my favorite scar head E who is the absolute love of my lifetime, my bff, my everything. he is the best. ever. and I love love loveee him with my whole heart!
sappy enough? lo siento!
this is us last year at his ALS graduation
there he is.. top right! In afghan last year.

i love his goofiness! all the time.
 I did this to him and he still married me! oooops! after one (or two...) too many I made a high jump for a piggy back that he didn't know was coming annnnd a concrete staircase to his face. omg. I still can't believe that happened! 12 stitches =/ and THREE whole days later, this is what he looked like.
he loves his mama! (& so do I)
random trip to PCB last year. we didn't have bathing suits with us sooo obviously we went shopping.. nice choice in tank top, no? they were buy one get one- just in case something were to happen to this one, god forbid.
 Tan and sad to leave our Honeymoon. (why am I smiling so hard that every tooth in my head is visible?)
love you most, honey!
happy early valentines to you all. any weekend plans?
xxo G


  1. Awwww girl! Hearing that you found that letter made me tear up! I'm so happy that you and E have each other :) Love you!

  2. I teared up as well, I can't imagine what you were feeling. How sweet of him though to do something like that, I'm sure not all guys do. He sounds like a great guy! Happy Valentines day to you both!

  3. my first time to your blog and i read this?!!? julia! greatest post ever! im crying and laughing. youre adorable!
    thanks for all of the help yesterday too! you are litCHerally da best! misssss you.

  4. Hey dotter-in-law, my goodness, that certainly made me and daddy-flo well up, gosh--Well just so glad that you and Eddie are together and that he came back safe and that you all have such a special love! Happy Valentine's day! That is a beautiful blog and thanks for the guys and girls who did make the ultimate sacrifice. Please give Boyo and youo a big hug, Love Mama and Papa Flo

  5. I still marvel at the fact that he spent all that time in the desert,flying all those missions, and he comes home and you send him to the ER....


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