Happy Feb 2!

happy for the country that the groundhog saw his shadow... wait... or didn't? whichever one means a shorter winter.... so. yeah! short winter!
my girl, hello kitty.
In other news we (E and I) have committed to dogsitting three dogs this wknd! Timber, Delilah and Cody... we are house sitting, too. So saturday you can find me basking in the sun on the deck of our friends house overlooking the valley :) yay, it's supposed to get to the mid 70's! finally, my tan stands a chance!

In even more other fun news, E gets a week long class break in June.... annnnnd... we are going to Vegas! We went last november and stayed at the MGM grand which was really great but the pool was closed for season. well not in June my friends! I'm already new bathing suit browsing.  

last time in Vegas... clearly can't take a real girl picture. this was literally the normal-ist of them all... but I can't wait to wear my sequin skirt again. only in vegas, loves it.
I'm diggin this baither A LOT but i also want to find a super sequiny one, too!

In Job news I called and emailed the company that I applied through to really just ease my mind and they said that i did the whole application process correctly and I am being considered for the position but with so many applicants it will be some time before I know/they know... i just wish I knew how much time?! 

In more unrelated and random news. Michelle on the Bachelor, time and time again, proves she is a total wacko. I mean, I love her severe middle part and impeccably groomed eyebrows 

but did you see how she took Brad in the room and wouldn't let him speak? then she grabbed his face all aggressively when he did?? so bizarre.  And I can't even wrap my head around the whole black eye thing. you don't know how it happened??? really? what in the haillll is going on upstairs? 

Tonight I'm making spaghetti and we are going to watch Groundhog Day! new tradition! yay
so long for now,
xxo g


  1. Have fun dogsitting! Hope y'all have a fun weekend!

  2. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! Jealousss you're going to Vegas! That will be a blast! && Totally agree with you about Michelle - she needs to go ASAP. Her voice and facial expressions drive me crazyyy!

  3. Michelle is cray cray and needs to GO! Why is she still there!?

  4. I missed the black eye epi! What was that about??

  5. Now that she's gone, though, I'm going to kind of miss her craziness! (Michelle's of course) ; )


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