all things hair. bear with me

My cousin told me that my hair is made of straw and/or daggers. (not sweet Jamie, but grotsky Claire)
unfortunately, I think she is right.  When my hair air dries, it is neither straight or curly but somewhere in the formative stage of dreadlocking. I have accepted this and now embrace it.
my current situation

But in those lovely awkward years of middle school, a time before straighteners mixed with a time of braces and frizzy hair.. oh, what an awful time.. My dear, sweet, mother would curl mine and my sisters hair before school. yes.. two, bratty, pre-teen, hormonal frizzy haired girls, all before 8am (and she was pregnant with my lil bro)! We had those awful bangs. the crunchy kind. the kind that when you turn to the side you could see through to the other. like a tube. oh my word. I wish that, bless her sweet soul, she would have told us that those bangs are not ok!  unfortunately I have no photo evidence with me in Cali of this time period. boo. I even googled "crunchy bangs" to no avail. well there just weren't any pictures that came close to what my sis and I had going on.
I inherited these straw locks from my mother who taught me how to tie my hair in a top knot with no help from hair ties or bobby pins! and it stays just fine. sweeeet.
top knots - something like this, but I wish mine were this chic!

and nowadays my lovely sis is a hair stylist in Tallahassee where I went to college and reaped the benefits for 5 years, getting my hair did whenever I wanted. and whatever I wanted she did! when I was there over christmas break she did my hair ombre. usually and naturally I am a brunette but I have had a couple of blonde phases.
the evolution of my hair (kinda)
my usual and natural look.  but straightened, of course
this is OLD. but transitioning to blonde.. notice the roots?!

also old... blonde and bangs
this was my least favorite look. short and intense side bangs. never going short again, not for me.
so I think I'll stick with ombre for a lil while then next it will be brown, I'm sure
this post came to me when I was trying to fix my hair for our valentine's stay-at-home dinner when I could neither curl it or straighten it. so now it sits atop my head in a not-quite-as-chic-Whitney Port top knot.

I love you mom and sis!

oh and when I asked Mr. to take a pic of my hair for my blog he made me take a pic of his hair after he took a pic of mine.  so here ya go! haha
clearly, he made me take one from every angle, but I will spare you. 
happy valentines day! I'll do my vday post tomorrow since I spent so much time on this randomosity.
xxo G


  1. Julia, I love you and ed, it's k-flo OBVY GIRL, no vday date (actually got asked to a movie but too late for this grad school workaholic....except on weekends, den Iz DTP duh). Anywho, Ed is hilarious and you are a precious lamb of beautiful brittle bangs. I'm in the process of making a blog, I asked for Caleb's wise input on a title, so think a tad cause my thoughts are to get this diary blog up and runnin. I thought something like "diary-uh of my teenage mind". I tried to make a blog and my old title was "social but serious". I'm so cool. You and Ed are da bestest couple. Dad called me and got me to check out your last blog- tears all over my face, ugh, gosh, geeze. i love you guys! brainstorm blog names! love kacyface

  2. Oh sweetie, you can blame your hair woes on Mimi - she's the one who got all this started, I just passed the gene along.... And for the record, I couldn't tell you girls anything about your hair. You loved the crunchy bangs!

  3. LOL at your mom's comment!

    Love all your looks :) And Ed's too!

    Love you!


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