okayyyy. let's go to Hawai'i

well, since it's so cold freezing rain. and since I am such a bad blogger and have yet to post the wedding (i promise i will!) I will give you a glimpse into the honeymoon! & there is a reason it is only a glimpse, unfortunately.
now lemme FIRST tell you that in the madness that was 8/21.. we litCHerally got to the honeymoon suite, slept for 4 hrs and flew out at 7am to reach our Hawaiian bungalow.
with fam and friends coming in town and having Rehearsal Dinner, Bridesmaid Brunch, Wedding, Reception annnnd with E being gone the entire week prior to the wedding (PLUS all the months in afghan b4) I forgot a few things.
but by things I mean our awesome cemera that he bought me for my birthday. aka the CAMERA.
yep. we flew to our H-Moon with not a camera. and this was before our iphone time and ALL our pics were taken w/ a disposable.
a few to share, and sorry about the quality - it's disposable
these pics are pretty much completely out of order....

heading back to the continetal US :(


my lil guppy!!

? weirds


if you see him. you will know

our friends from aus!

it's DaKine da bra!


  1. I think the pictures turned out great!

  2. Cute pics! We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon too :)

  3. Beautiful pictures Gia :) The disposable camera brings back so many memories of going to SSI and taking tons of pictures!

  4. The hubby and I are planning a vacation for July... I am beyond overwhelmed with beautiful potentials. After seeing all of your photos I am thinking Hawaii. Looks so beautiful!


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