Happy March!

just a few things...

we ordered new bikes yesterday! I'm so excited... we live biking distance from everything here! and there is a bike trail that goes all the way through Monterey and Pacific Grove.  After lots of research we found these Kona Africa bikes. If you buy 2, they donate one to rural Africa to help people get around and transport things more easily, you can read more here. So, if you are in the market for new bikes, definitely check these out!

Mine is in white:
"rear rack that's strong enough to carry your sister"

and E's is in black:
"and a basket in front for her flowers"
I love the basket! for all my groceries, flowers and one day, a puppy!

I have my second interview today at 1:30! I'm excited and really hope to get the job! next time I blog I realllly hope it's good news I will be sharing!

until then, happy tuesday!

xxo g


  1. Ummmm I think riding around with a puppy in your basket would be the cutest freaking thing in the world, lol.

  2. Love the new bikes Gia :) That's so sweet they donate one someone in Africa!

    You should definitely get a puppy to go in the basket!

    I'll be thinking about you and your interview...call me with some good news! Love ya!

  3. I want a bike so BADLY! that one is beautiful! We want to get bikes and a little buggy to pull baby Henry around in once he's here.

  4. love the bikes!! I am so jealous that you are biking distance to almost everything!! Wish I could say the same. Good luck on the 2nd interview! :)

  5. Yeah for almost bike season! I can't wait!!


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