ps - we lost

ohh my lord up in heaven.

that game nearly gave me a heart attack. Overtime? for reals? I can't handle it. I truly cannot deal. be it in football, basketball or extra innings in a baseball game. It always gives me little tiny heart attacks.  I'm pretty sure that this is how I'm going to die as an old woman. In overtime, at some FSU ball game. Between Basketball, baseball and football seasons I will most likely be full on gray come next January.
sit down? what's that?
I remember the very first time I saw the noles lose in real life (IRL). I was just a little girl and I boo hoo-ed all the way home. It is not a pretty sight for anyone around to watch a game with me. I'm a total embarrassing crazy person that just might punch the air, yell a four letter word, cry, gag, ya know, the usual...

I'm a looney bin. can't help it and can't change this late in the game. My hub knows how I am about sports and I told him that we have to brainwash our future children to be like this too, otherwise they will just think I'm a nut job. ha. this makes me totally normal, right??

seminole choppin at the beginning of the game. duhh. (poor lil Brutus)
awww. fam portrait with dognapped Brutusss!
E and Bru, the Nole Dog. doesn't he look so happy??!

Happy Weekend, blogging has lifted my spirits, on to baseball season!


  1. BOOOOO!! Sorry y'all lost! :(

    As far as the crazy freakshow fan... I can relate! BUT this only applies to college football in my world!

    How has the new job been?? Hope your digging it!

    Love the pics!!

    take care doll!

  2. You're silly and Brutus is a cutie!

  3. Didn't get to watch, but looked it up on ESPN first thing this morning. It seems like there was one guy who missed the shot and they went into overtime, and that same guy it the one who missed the shot at the very end. I was upset :(

  4. Ah yes, death by sports....it would be appropriate and hopefully after a win - at least that way it would be a happy ending. ;-)

  5. Aww I am so sorry! I love your pictures though. Especially the first one. I am like that during football season with my USF Bulls (no hard feelings on that I hope).

    But yea I thought I was a crazy fan, but my husband makes me look like child's play when it comes to being a crazy nut over sports. He is a HUGE Dallas Cowboy fan, and lets just say, this past season did a number on him. I can't even be crazy about sports anymore because I can't be at his level. It's bad. Lol

  6. Julia, you are such a beautiful princess wifey in your pictures. And the funnest fan in the land during football season; your psychosis brings me many laughs. I can't wait to tell my kids about crazy Aunt Jew prior to their first FSU game. They'll be shocked to see the reality of your fan-dom. YES! Oh and Ed's a nut, sports or no sports, and that last picture is proof. I miss you and Ed soooo much lady! Think about you all the time. When's the next reunion, Jenna's wedding?!


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