a quick hellooo!

Hey friends!

sorry it's been so long since I've posted... got so busy with the new job :) training/working for the past week I seem to have forgotten how to get my blogging in. plus nothing too eventful has been going on here!

We have been dogsitting/house sitting this weekend for our friends and have enjoyed having some doggies around! 1 Brutus and 1 Cody.

I currently have a pot of turkey chili simmering and am about to make some corn bread with it. yumm yumm.. I'll post the recipe tomorrow w/ pics!

But the most exciting/important thing going on right now is the FSU vs Notre Dame basketball game!

GOOOO NOLESSS!!! annnd fun fact... Bernard James, #5, served in the Air Force for 6 years before attending college! He is 26 now! yayyyy Air Force and FSU :)

ok gotta go watch this game.. we are currently beating ND, fyi!



  1. Oh yes March Madness is consumed my home too. Lol. What did you get a job doing? And congrats!

  2. I heard the noles won, that makes me happy. :)

  3. Soooo how are you liking the new gig? Learn any cool make-up trix yet? :)

    I wish I was into basketball, but have never been able to get into it! :( Hope your team won yesterday!

  4. Go FSU!

    Call me soon to catch me up on the big girl job :)

    Love you!


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