What I'm LOVING wednesday!!!!!

This Wednesday I am loving my trip to Carmel-by-the-sea with my friend michelle!
we had a delicious lunch at Carmel Belle... I had a chicken and brie sandwich. yumm yum! If you are ever in this area definitely go to Carmel, lots and lots of great shops and restaurants.

then we got pedicures at the T & L nail spa .. I got "you're such a Kabuki queen" I basically choose my nail polish color based on the name. and OPI has the best names. hands down. one of my dream jobs is to be the nail polish namer at OPI. don't worry, I already looked in to it and I'm pretty sure that "Suzi" is the official namer of color. have you noticed there are lots and lots of col ***********I interrupt this unimportant tirade about nail polish to inform you that this girl just got hired as a Beauty Advisor for Lancome********************** and that is what I am really loving wednesday! 

but yeah... Suzi appears a lot in the polish names (i.e. Suzi skis the Pyrenees & Suzi says feng shui) 
You're Such a Kabuki Queen
 I'm loving Lancome for hiring me!!!
I'm loving that we are about to go on a date since it has been so long. and to celebrate, too! 
SUSHI and sakeee! mmmm! 
I love all my bloggy friends/readers!
ok sushi is a callin'
xxo g

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  1. Awesome! Congratulations on the job! All those interviews paid off ;) When do you start? Hope you had a great night of celebrating and sushi!

  2. Awww yay Jules! I'm so happy for you! Call me today...I have a teacher workday so I'll be able to talk :)

    Loves you!

  3. MMM.. Lancome! Congrats on the job! (Note: I almost asked if you new someone from FSU - my boyfriend - and then remembered how I felt when people ask me if I know someone {from Dallas, OU or something of that nature} and I never actually do) So was that seemingly endless stream of consciousness...

    Just found your blog though & like it! I'll def. be back!


  4. Congratulations Girlie Girl! Can't wait to hear about the new job, and the best stuff to buy to make me bootiful too! Hello to our boyo, Eddie, and you two stay high and dry!! Love you, Mama Flo

  5. just found your blog! congrats on the new job! i'll definitely be back to read!

    brittney from www.hushnwonder.com

  6. YAYYYY! So happy for u & the new gig!! I've always wanted to be a consultant for a nice make-up line! Looks like a super fun job :) hope u enjoyed ur sake n shushi, have u tried peach sake? I'm n love with the stuff, yumm!

    can't wait to hear about ur 1st day!

    Ciao luv!


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