no rhyme or reason

just saw the trailer for "something borrowed" on E news and realized that it has been yearrrrrs since I read it and couldn't remember the story all that well. So i pulled out my uber heavy book box to search for it thinking there is no way i still have it.... i have this habit of lending out books to never see them again which i don't really mind- sharing is caring! and i'm sure I have a number of other ppl's books. but anyways i found it! so yayy! gonna read that before the movie comes out.

speaking of E! news someone just said flip-flops are "the kiss of death esp. for celebrities" I mean, they are super casual but I do love my havi's for yoga and pedi's. ok and sometimes they do make their way out the door with me for errands. what do you think, flip flops - yay or nay?

my fav havi's  

now I'm watching man v. wild... It used to be my fave show on account of Bear Grylls' sexiness but that was, of course, before I met my even sexier hub! 

sorry for the randomosity of this post....bored & waiting on E to get home so we can go for a run! we've been really good about our GTL lately (well, not so much T) but definitely G&L

oh yeah - job update... Went in for interview 2 and it went really well sooo i then immediately had interview 3 with one of the counter manager's and it went well and then she said they will be in contact with me b/c there is one more interview i have to do! geeezzzzeeee louise!!! 4 interviews? for a part time job?? a bit frustrating, i just want to start something NOW.....

in my quest to blog more i come up with posts like this.... my apologies. not too much going on right now! and i'm in a little funk but i think this is the kind that comes once a month and lasts about 5 days... i just ate a handful of black olives then a ton of strawberries with cool whip.

ok I'm done.

and tomorrow is friday.

xxo g 


  1. I LOVE Something Borrowed and can't wait to see the movie :)

    You will for sure get the job! Call me soon!

    Love you!

  2. I loved the book so I'm really excited about the movie!!

  3. I saw the preview for Something Borrowed online the other day, and immediately bought it on Amazon. I can't wait to read it, I think it should be arriving today. I'm such a dork, I will totally ignore a book but when I hear they are going to be making a movie about it, I suddenly just HAVE to read it before seeing the movie, lol.

  4. I live in FL -- we wear flops ALL The time!

  5. Dude jew, we're across the country and we're still on the same "once a month- 5 day" funk schedule. That's bffs/seeds. Love it.

  6. flops are out?! WHAT... ?? I totally did not get the memo!

    I love flip flops, not just the plasticy ones... but I have beaded ones, blingy ones, leather ones... the list goes on.

    So easy, so comfortable.... I think its safe to say E! is off their rocker on this one. ;)


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